Pandemic affects world

Sydnee Kuhn, Reporter

April 23, 2020

JAG-K teaches students about future goals

Sydnee Kuhn, Reporter

February 7, 2020

JAG-K  is a class that provides students the opportunity to see what they want to do after high school.  Thursday, Jan. 23 JAG juniors and seniors went on a field trip to WSU Tech to explore the classes available.  “JAG-K is a career expedition class. We work on getting ready with not only our personal skills but our employability skills,” JAG specialist Christy Pray said. Both Pray and JAG vice president Carly Condella have similar opinions on what JAG-K is.  “JAG is a class that teaches you employability ...

Teachers Bring Their Catchphrases to Life

Alyssa Ferrell, Reporter

January 30, 2020

When students stand outside a classroom, they normally expect an average lecture or test when they walk in, but students can learn a lot about their teachers during class.  Science teacher Brian Hallmark calls his students his workers, and he is their boss.  “I like to compare my classroom to a job, and they have things to do, so they are workers in my classroom, and I’m their boss,” science teacher Hallmark said.  He hopes to change their attitude toward getting school work and homework done in class s...

Senior joins bull-riding community

Sydnee Kuhn, Reporter

November 1, 2019

Senior Austin Breed started his bull-riding career last summer when his father and him made a bet for Breed to ride a bull. “I had a fear of getting on the bull because it was big and weighed like 2000 pounds; I was just scared at first, then he told me to face my fears and just get on it,” Breed said.  One person Breed looks up to is his mentor Brice Loyde who has taught him how to ride a bull.  “I look up to him because he’s been doing it for a long time, he’s just really good at it,” Breed sai...

Freshman Alexa Zweifel

Freshman Alexa Zweifel

October 28, 2019

Facebook changes worldwide

Facebook changes worldwide

October 21, 2019

Facebook is a social network service that founder Mark Zuckerberg launched in February 2004, founded by Mark Zuckerberg. The site was initially going to be used by Harvard students, but over two years, the idea expanded into a worldwide network. People who were 13 years of age or above could eventuall...

New teachers join Oriole staff

Sydnee Kuhn, Reporter

September 5, 2019

Seven experienced teachers joined the Oriole staff this school year.  Most of the new teachers came into school during the summer to prepare for the upcoming year.  “I came up early to meet some of the new teachers and past ones, got textbooks and prepared lesson plans,” math teacher Margaret Gonzales said.  Gonzales teaches Algebra I, consumer math, and informal geometry. In consumer math, Gonzales plans on bringing in guest speakers. “We will be having speakers coming in from Intrust bank, a school dis...

Hacked media causes social concern

Sydnee Kuhn, Reporter

April 29, 2019

According to Statista.com, more than 81 percent of Americans have social media accounts. this includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, all of which can be hacked into. In fact, “Media Genesis” reports that 44 records are stolen every second. “I think people hack because they want to mentally harm someone or to steal private information,” Owen Frizell (10) said. Hackers have different reasons for hacking into accounts. One reason is to obtain personal passwords they can use to hack into other med...

Blessing Boxes aid town

Sydnee Kuhn, Reporter

April 1, 2019

Blessing Box are wooden boxes found around town that volunteers create and stock items such as toiletries and food. A Blessing Box in Augusta is located on 1409 Ohio St. The article, “A box filled with blessing” from The Butler County Times-Gazette states that real estate agent Heather Holmes has fulfillment when she helps others with supplies and happiness. She and her husband wanted to put a box on a property they own, but they wanted a Wichita boy to help them. “His Facebook page indicated that he had more than...

The Augusta theater sits in the 500 block of State Street. The theater is known for its artwork and production.

Augusta Historic Theatre shows classic movies

February 20, 2019

Augusta Historic Theatre decided that this year it will play classic older movies during the second weekend of each month. “We hope that by playing these movies they can draw in viewers from the wider metropolitan area around Augusta, the majority of which are unaware that our theater exists,”...

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