Teachers Bring Their Catchphrases to Life

When students stand outside a classroom, they normally expect an average lecture or test when they walk in, but students can learn a lot about their teachers during class. 

Science teacher Brian Hallmark calls his students his workers, and he is their boss. 

“I like to compare my classroom to a job, and they have things to do, so they are workers in my classroom, and I’m their boss,” science teacher Hallmark said. 

He hopes to change their attitude toward getting school work and homework done in class so they enjoy it more. Sometimes English and AVID teacher Megan Springs tells her students sometimes that she loves them. 

“I say I love you all the time because I think that we need to hear it more often and as a parent, I feel like I don’t say it enough,” Springs said. 

A few of the teachers have reasons as to why they use these catchphrases, while others just come out of the blue. In some ways, students can learn a lot about a teacher by what they say and how they act in class. 

“Sisters and brothers have to go back to students saying it even though I say it mostly to my volleyball girls because I’m such a huge push of team and family and having them being close,” Hallmark said. 

Most of the teachers do not even realize they have catchphrases until a student tells them or asks why they say it. Some of these go back to years ago and no one remembers how it started while others are completely random. 

“Sometimes, I say I’m going to bite them if they don’t listen,” Springs said.