Caffeinated drinks damages the human body

According to red bulls were the number one energy brand which made the company $2.9 billion dollars in 2020. states that Starbucks made $622.2 million dollars in 2020.

When people do not sleep well, they tend to steer in the direction of energy drinks or coffee, but which one actually benefits them? According to, 86.6 percent of Americans consume energy drinks while states 64 percent of Americans drink coffee. 

When it comes to money, both of the drinks can cost a big fortune over time. According to, for $20 dollars someone can purchase seven cans of Red Bulls, but the same amount spent on coffee will get someone 34 cups. Some people like energy drinks over coffee while others like coffee over energy drinks;  it all depends on the taste, if you don’t like the taste then you’re not going to drink it. 

I personally would not purchase energy drinks since I do not like how they taste and how long they last for. Coffee has always been my go to morning drink, I believe the energy last longer. website says large amounts of caffeine may cause serious heart and blood vessel problems. Caffeine can also cause anxiety, sleep issues, dehydration and more. 

According to a 16-oz can of energy drink may contain 54 to 62 grams of added sugar, while coffee has 45 added grams of sugar making coffee a better choice.

While energy drinks such as Monster, Bang, Red Bull have added sugars and ingredients, coffee is natural and does not have as many added preservatives as energy drinks do. states that the energy coffee has lasted longer than the energy that Monster, Bang and Rock Star give off. 

Both coffee and energy drinks harm the human body with time. I truly believe that if someone consumes energy drinks they are doing the same damage to their body as if they would with drinking coffee. website indicates energy drinks may cause headaches and mood swings while coffee can cause sleep deprivation meaning affect mood swings as well. 

In my opinion, coffee lasts longer in the human system unlike energy drinks, which last up to three hours and then do absolutely nothing. 

The taste of both drinks are very different. Energy drinks are more sweet and they come in the flavor the manufacturer picks, unlike with coffee which people can add what they like.