Librarian expresses underutilized resources

Sydnee Kuhn, Reporter

October 24, 2018

School librarian Eileen Dreiling wants the students to be more inspired to read books for fun. Dreiling enjoys books by authors Dan Brown and John Grisham; however, she also enjoys non-fiction literature. Dreiling wishes students would use the library to check out a book they would enjoy reading. “I try to make the library warm and welcoming as well as safe, and a bit decorative,” Dreiling said. Most students go into the library solely for printer use or to checkout books over skill building or history. Each day 20 ...

Seniors beat underclassmen during Powderpuff game

Seniors beat underclassmen during Powderpuff game

October 3, 2018

The Powderpuff game resulted in a score of 28-26 with the seniors taking the win. Fifty-three seniors, and 60 underclassmen signed up to play. “We are just out there to have fun,” Kenzie Childers (11) said. Allie Timberlake (9) played as a corner with shirt number 6. “I played during ...

Drum line and color guard improve

Jonathan Doss, Reporter

October 1, 2018

This is a different year for both color guard and band, and a new year means change. Color guard, who works to interpret the band’s music with flags, received new uniforms for the second year in a row. ¨I like them. They are a ton more comfortable than last year’s,” Geoffrey Goff (10) said. Changes were made in the band as well -- especially when performing with the color guard. The main change is seven new members, all of which are freshmen. Seven instruments have joined the drumline, including two cymbals, two snare...

New, returning staff joins school

Aubrey Stueven and Michael Carter

September 14, 2018

The 8 a.m. school bell rings and class has begun. Everyone's a little nervous to start their year, and that doesn’t just mean the students. Just as nervous, the teachers, especially newcomers, stand at the front of the class, ready to take on the year. Quite a few teachers have joined staff this year, or have moved positions as faculty members, taking the place of teachers who have left. Physical education (P.E.) and health teacher Nathan Towns joined the high school staff. Before coming to Augusta, Towns taught a...

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