Broken Classroom Clocks Cause Frustration


Infographic by Emily Brinkley

As students watch their clocks waiting for class to end; some clock hands are not moving. Students complain that most analog clocks in their classrooms are broken. Certain classes around the school do not have clocks at all. 

American government teacher Jeff Regier used to be in room 318, where social studies teacher Brad Raine is now. Regier moved to room 318 four years ago; clocks in both classrooms were broken before he moved.

“I used to be in Raine’s room,which was broken then, so ever since I’ve been in this new room it’s been broken for four years,” Regier said. “I don’t really ever use a clock;  most people use their computers. It would be nice to have a digital clock though.”

The lack of clocks make some students work less effectively and causes classes to feel longer.

“It makes the day seem longer because I can’t check the clock, and we can’t be on our phones to check the time,” freshman Addie Ford said.

Geography teacher Rick Hess said that not having a clock does not affect the way the class learns or how he teaches so he is unbothered by the broken clocks.

“I simply put a no cell phone use sign over mine because I don’t mind my clock not working,” Hess said.  “I’m mid-sentence a lot when the bell rings, which that kind of bothers me, but at the same time people don’t just sit there and stare at the clock, and that makes time go by faster if you don’t.”

Raine wants to get his clock fixed as it has been broken since he began working here. 

“I just want a new clock; I would just like a new clock in my room. I don’t care what kind it is,” Raine said.

Hess does not mind his broken clock as he understands the expense problem of fixing all the clocks.

“It’d be nice if the clock worked but its not a priority of mine, I’m not much of clock watcher,” Hess said. “I’m sure if they’re going to try to put in new clocks on all the walls then I’m sure that would be expensive.”

Students and teachers alike agree that fixing all the broken clocks are an expense issue, most teachers use their phones or computers to check the time in their classes; some teachers plug in smaller digital clocks for their students as they cost less money than fixing all the broken clocks.