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ACE schedule changes senior plans

Rachel Womeldorff
Seniors Travis Stevens and Lizzy Priddy leave the building before ACE. While some seniors leave the building, others stay in the building for activities.

At the beginning of the year, the administration moved ACE from the end of the day to after first block. This change left second-semester seniors with a challenge previous classes did not face. 

“Instead of going home early at the end of the day, now we get to leave but come back in less than an hour,” senior Karlee Smith said. 

Although the ACE schedule creates changes for second-semester seniors, it can still be used productively.

“Having no ACE has given me a lot more freedom and control over what I do during the day,” senior Natalie Sayler said.

Senior Will Stueven stays in the building during ACE because he finds the new ACE schedule more productive than before. He stays in a classroom and works on homework instead of leaving the building.

While Stueven enjoys staying in the building during ACE, Smith takes advantage of the free time she has during the school day.

“This new schedule is really difficult for me to take advantage of because it is in the middle of the day,” Smith said. “I still enjoy being able to have time to leave and grab something to eat or run home if I want.”

Sayler has the benefit of her mom being an English teacher and spends most ACE periods in her classroom.

“I still use my ACE time to get homework done or to run errands for [my mom], and of course, eat all of her snacks,” Natalie said.

Some seniors view ACE as more limited if they have a second block class.

“Even though it isn’t as easy to leave because the time is more restricted, I still feel like I have more freedom this way,” Stueven said.

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Rachel Womeldorff, Managing Editor
Junior Rachel Womeldorff is excited about her third year on The Oriole staff and her second year as Managing Editor. Womeldorff is also a member of Brick A Productions as well as the golf team. Newspaper is her favorite thing to spend time on and enjoys the social media aspect of the publication. After high school, Womeldorff plans to attend the University of Kansas with a major in journalism and communications.
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