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Search for jobs becomes priority during summer

Photo by Emily Brinkley
Students advertise job openings through posters hung in the commons. The posters include pay rates, open positions and locations with job openings.

The end of the school year brings free time and a lack of routine; students find summer jobs to fill the space usually reserved for sports and after-school activities.

Sophomore Aurora Richardson’s schedule is filled with cheer and other after-school activities. Activities during the school year make keeping a job difficult.

“It’s really hard since I can only work Wednesdays and weekends; not a lot of people want to hire me,” Richardson said. “I think I could find a school-year job that would be willing to work around it eventually.”

Sophomore Maci Edwards works a job during the school year as well as in the summer without any issues. Edwards works at Lincoln Elementary School, so she has the same days off work as the school.

“They don’t interfere with my schedule; I work at the school,” Edwards said. “Whenever they’re out of school I’m out of school.” 

Busy schedules make free time scarce, students base their work schedules on their availability.

“With my cheer schedule, I can only work weekends and during the summer, so the snow cone place is a fit for me,” Richardson said.

Edwards chose her job at Michaels to help pay her car payment and use her artistic experience to educate others. 

“I work at Michaels because I like the money, and I know a lot about art, so it’s a really simple job,” Edwards said. 

One of the issues students face when working a summer job is meeting their peers outside of school. 

“Seeing people I know sometimes is awkward, and people who don’t like me and come there,” Richardson said. “It’s really awkward because we just sit in silence.”

Working a summer job for high school students is a way to make money without having to work around school schedules. 

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Emily Brinkley
Emily Brinkley, Reporter
Sophomore Emily Brinkley is a second-year reporter for The Oriole. She joined newspaper to be closer to the students in the school. She hopes people will be able to learn more about their community and classmates through the stories that are written. When she graduates from high school, she would like to study to be a kindergarten teacher. Brinkley is also a member of the color guard and in her second year, she was chosen to lead the team as captain. She feels honored that she is able to lead the team.  When she is not in school, she enjoys reading, fishing with her family, playing with her dog Walter or listening to music. 
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