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Family ties: Staff-student relationships bring unique dynamics to school atmosphere

Photo by Baylee Ohl
Dad and daughter duo senior Peyton Childers and business teacher Matt Childers talk about the starting line up for soccer. Peyton was in her dad’s carrer exploration class first semester.

Walking through the halls, most students do not run into their parents. However, for nearly 20 students, that is a reality. The Sayler and Childers families are just two parent-student combos in school. 

Students may not know that English teacher Amy Sayler is related to twin seniors  Nicholas (Nic) and Natalie (Nat) Sayler.

“Some people do, especially people who’ve had her in the past, but I’d say a good percentage of people don’t know,” Natalie said. 

Most of Amy’s students know she is related to Natalie since her class is where she hangs out during ACE, but that is not the case for Nicholas. 

“About once a day for both, like Nat during ACE, and then Nic always comes into my room after school,” Amy said.

Last year, Amy was a science teacher and taught two of her children in general science. For Nicholas, this year was a little different from last year. 

“It’s not too different; I didn’t have her as a teacher this year, so I don’t really see her that often,” Nicholas said. “I did have her as a teacher last year; I kind of just disassociated her with my mom.”

Every family has an interesting fact about them that no one knows. Amy has six children and three of them were at the same school where she taught.

“My mother used to homeschool us and also was our teacher in school junior year,” Natalie said. 

While Natalie and Nicholas were homeschooled, they also have lived in multiple different states.

“We lived in Texas when we were younger,” Nicholas said. 

Business teacher Matt Childers at times makes being in the same building awkward for his daughter senior Peyton Childers.

“We try to avoid eye contact, there’s no reason to make it awkward for her. That being said, there are occasions where I tried to make things awkward for her because I’m her dad and that’s what I’m supposed to do,” Matt said. 

Matt goes to Peyton when he needs digital design work done. 

“I had her as part of my career exploration when she was the in-house, digital design creator and stuff for any teachers that need anything or coaches need anything,” Matt said. 

Matt is proud of Peyton and her accomplishments and the hard work she has completed for him. Matt jokingly called his daughter an indentured servant. 

“She makes all our posters for the soccer team, she’s done everything for disc golf for me. So all that sort of stuff that we post or put up in the building or whatever. She’s done all of that; she’s worked hard,” Matt said. 

 The more someone talks to people the more you can see all the similarities between family members. 

“We are very, very similar in personalities and attitudes. She got there a few years earlier than I did,” Matt said.  “I didn’t kind of get that sort of personality until college. She got it freshman year in high school. I think it served her well. She’s been an exemplary student, and I think we’re pretty good student-athletes as well.” 

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