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Scholars bowl prepares for state competition

Margaret Gonzales
Scholars bowl members celebrate their regional championship win Feb. 1 at Mulvane High School. Art teacher Adam Kroeker sponsored the group because head coach Margaret Gonzales was unable to attend. “My favorite part is getting to know the kids on scholars bowl, I like the people I do it with and it’s a lot of fun,” junior Devon Stamback said.

After a three-year gap period of not qualifying for state competition, the scholars bowl team wins first place at regional competition at Mulvane High School, qualifying the team for state competition at McPherson High School.

The team’s head coach Margaret Gonzales was unable to attend the regional meet; art teacher Adam Kroeker stepped in to sponsor the team. Gonzales attended the state competition with the team.

“I was a little worried at first because none of us knew Mr. Kroeker, maybe he’s just good luck,” Huerta said.

The team competed at the state contest losing six rounds and winning one. The team did not qualify for the semi-finals but competed against multiple teams.

“The math questions were a lot harder than we were expecting,” junior Devon Stamback said. “Everyone on the other team had someone who could do math, and we got outscored.”

Team members used their knowledge of specific topics to help them score at meets.

“I am particularly good at social science, like geography and history,” Stamback said. “I do a lot of English ones; Justin is really good at math, Caleb and Ana are really good at science and fine arts, we all have our specialties.”

Some members of the team had individual ways to practice before a meet.

“I love trivia; I watch Jeopardy every night with my family,” Stamback said. “I have a lot of random facts and a lot of fun doing it.”

Sophomores Ana Huerta and Caleb Warren occasionally prepared for upcoming meets. Warren relied on the facts he already knew.

“Sometimes, I’ll read the news beforehand,” Huerta said. “There’s the year-in-review questions; sometimes that helps, but really I don’t do a lot.”

Members of the team enjoyed using their knowledge of facts to win meets and practices.

“I have a lot of random knowledge in my head; I figured this was the best way to use it,” Warren said.

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Sophomore Emily Brinkley is a second-year reporter for The Oriole. She joined newspaper to be closer to the students in the school. She hopes people will be able to learn more about their community and classmates through the stories that are written. When she graduates from high school, she would like to study to be a kindergarten teacher. Brinkley is also a member of the color guard and in her second year, she was chosen to lead the team as captain. She feels honored that she is able to lead the team.  When she is not in school, she enjoys reading, fishing with her family, playing with her dog Walter or listening to music. 
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