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Vocalists and musicians selected for state performance

Martin Epperson Jr.
Senior Aspen Magruder practices singing in her Bella Canto class. Magruder plans to continue pursuing music into college.

Four students recently made it into their respective departments’ all-state performances, all of which are related to the music department.

The process of being selected for All-State Band and All-State Choir involved auditioning for district band or choir. Students who were selected for the district band or choir could then audition for the All-State band or choir. Junior Andy Bunck played the trombone for his band audition, and seniors Micah Edris, Emma Nueschafer and Aspen Magruder auditioned for all-state choir.

“You go from your district and you audition to get into district and then from your district scorings, you can also get into state honor choir,” Edris said

This was not the first time Edris auditioned for state

“I auditioned my sophomore year, and I got into district but I didn’t get into state, so I wanted to try to get into state,” Edris said

Edris was not the only person to have prior experience auditioning for state. 

“I made it last year, which was an awesome experience, so I just decided this year to audition again,” Neuschafer said.

Neushafer also believes that everyone did a good job auditioning for state.

“I think everyone did great. It’s really hard to get up there in front of judges and sing,” Neuschafer said. “I think the fact that many people could even do that is awesome.”

Neuschafer is not the only person who thinks everyone did a good job auditioning

“The people I heard go before me and after me, sounded really good and it was definitely a tough competition,” Bunck said. “Then I heard some of the other Augusta people audition and they did really well.”

The state performances will be performed at Wichita’s Century II Convention Center Feb 24.

“We’re performing at Century II, and I think it’s Feb 22 through the 24,” Magruder said. “We have a couple of days where we work on it, and then we perform that Saturday morning.”

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Martin Epperson Jr.
Sophomore Martin Epperson Jr. is a first-year reporter for The Oriole. Initially, he was not planning on joining the staff but when the opportunity was given, he joined and is excited for the year ahead. When he is not in class, he can be found performing in school drama productions, spending time with friends, playing video games, drawing and serving as a Dungeon Master for the school's D&D Club. After high school, he plans on attending college and becoming a comic book artist or the mayor of Augusta.
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