King and queen candidates explain nomination

Homecoming is an annual event and some students have different approaches to the outcome. Homecoming candidates Senior Marcus McClanahan, Marcus Terry, Sam Price, Kalvin LaPlant, Libbi Skaer, Alexa Zwiefel, Casey Spencer, Keira Wells.  

Spencer is excited to be nominated to be a homecoming candidate.

“I’m really thankful and homecoming is really cool to be a part of,” Spencer said. 

Spencer did not expect the outcomes of the nomination. She did not have any idea who was going to be on the homecoming court. 

“I was surprised that the seniors voted, and I am thankful for the seniors who did vote for me,” Spencer said.

Spencer’s family was also surprised by the outcome.

“My family was happy for me when I told them I got nominated,” Spencer said. 

Skaer is also excited and happy to be nominated for homecoming even though she was not expecting to be nominated.

“There are a lot of good people in my grade,” Skaer said. “I felt that it was up in the air and that anyone could be up since everyone is kinda close,” Skaer said.

Skaer is looking forward to being a homecoming candidate.

I am excited being a homecoming candidate, but it is nerve-wracking that I have to dress up and be in front of a bunch of people but it’s all part of the process and I am excited,” Skaer said. 

LaPlant does not really care about being nominated for homecoming king, but his mom and sisters are excited for him. 

“I did not really expect the outcome of homecoming nomination,” LaPlant said.

Price is excited and it means a lot to him to be nominated for homecoming candidate.

“My family thought it was an honor to be nominated. So they were really proud of me that I got nominated and just really happy for me,” Price said.

Terry thinks it is pretty cool that he was nominated for homecoming court, and he thinks it is going to be a fun experience. Terry was expecting to be nominated for a homecoming nominee because of being a wrestler.

“I told my parents and basically they just spread the word around the family,” Terry said. “I think my grandparents are coming down to watch the homecoming game.” 

Zwiefel is excited about being nominated for homecoming queen. Zwiefel’s sister Porsha was a nominee when she was in high school, so her family is excited and happy for her about being nominated. 

“I am nervous to stand in front of everybody, at the game on Friday at the game,” Zweifel said.