Sophomores visit Wichita State University Tech campus


Photo by Rachel Womeldorff

Assistant Director, College Access Cody Griffin, giving a speech about the programs and opportunities that come with WSU Tech. Griffin and other adults gave a group of students a tour around WSU Tech and showed them what it was like to be in the different classes.

Being on the bright yellow bus to arrive at a small campus visiting WSU Tech is something sophomores do every year. 

“It was cool to see the different programs they had and the different things they do there,” sophomore Mya Goodmanson said.

With a bunch of students enjoying the various programs at WSU, they start looking forward to their future jobs and opportunities.

“I think other students will benefit from these programs more than me, especially if they are into mechanical work or woodshop things,” Goodmanson said.

A big part of WSU Tech is the different mechanical, electrical, woodshop, and welding programs they offer. Sophomore James Galdean supports the different students that are for these programs.

“I learned that WSU, if you want to go into mechanical work, has a lot of opportunities for you and will help you take those future steps,” Galdean said.

Students agree with keeping this field trip an option to students in the future to give them the same chances current sophomores have available to them.

“They should keep it around for the people who are interested in these programs,” Galdean said.

The field trip opened the eyes of many students, especially sophomore Xavier Cortez who was glad to see all the different programs.

“There are a bunch of programs I didn’t know they had until we went which makes me glad that we went cause it shows all of us the possible future careers for us,” Cortez said.

Offering these classes as well to juniors and seniors is a good starting point for the student for their future.

“Students being able to take these classes in high school are a great idea and a good choice for students who want to do these things and get them done earlier than usual,” Cortez said.

Cortez plans on participating in the programs and hopes other students take these opportunities to plan their future.

“I will definitely be looking forward to taking these classes next year and hopefully other students do as well,” Cortez said.