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Haley Jeter, Reporter

April 21, 2020

Sophomores Kallie Smith and Reese Ratcliff build a rocket while science teacher JD Hand assists their experiment. This form of learning would be considered tactile, due to the hands-on experience these students are facing.

Learning styles affect students

April 9, 2020

Despite all the controversy stating that learning styles have 0 effects on students along with the years of educational debates, I do believe learning styles have effects on student’s academic performance and success. Generally, people are aware that everyone’s brain functions differently.  “...

Old AHS sparks curiosity

Polly  Wheat wears an Orange and Black themed outfit for spirit week. She was a student who attended AHS in 1985.

Haley Jeter, Reporter

February 13, 2020

Students all know the feeling of walking into the building every morning bright and early, but 20, 30 or maybe even 50 years ago, it was nothing like it is now. From smoking courts and fist fighting, it was a whole other world. “The whole west wing has been added since I was in school. We had nothing p...

New goals strike the New Year

Haley Jeter, Reporter

January 24, 2020

“I take my New Year’s resolutions very seriously, 100 percent very seriously,” junior Everett Latimer said.  Students opinions vary when it comes to the impact of New Year’s resolutions.  “I really don’t think New Year’s resolutions are too big of a deal,” sophomore Devin Russell said. “I think people can take a dramatic change at any point of their life.”  Resolutions vary depending on the life of each individual student.  “A lot of my friends told me when you set New Year’s resolutio...

Pollution in the Mississippi River

Human activities cause global warming

October 15, 2019

Whether you are a student, teacher or parent, I can guarantee you have heard about climate change/global warming.  Humans on this planet (especially in the most recent years) have made a large impact on global warming. We take our one and only home for granted.  “Scientists attribute the gl...

Freshman Elisa Stubby

Freshman Elisa Stubby

October 10, 2019


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