Senior newspaper members reflect on high school years: Haley Jeter

Once an Oriole, always an Oriole. The last few days of my time in the nest are approaching, it’s time to use the wings Augusta High School provided me and fly. 

I never believed the expression, “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.” Let’s just say, four years later I do.

 Four years of my life. Those four years weren’t just a time for turning in homework, trying not to space off in class, and dreading social interactions. No, those four years grew the seed that was planted in August of 2018. I went from being an honor roll debate student trying to control every minuscule aspect of my life to now living each moment at its highest potential for what life provides me. Seeking out perfection is a waste of a character.  This reminds me of something National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson said at a Journalism contest I just attended. “Don’t interpret the world for how you anticipate it: interpret the world for how it is.” I stopped going about life expecting and instead began accepting. 

During my four short years here I participated in debate, newspaper, was a co-captain to a color guard team, Educators Rising, educational internship, and college Spanish. All of these groups, and experiences helped me build soft skills such as: cooperation, communication, NOT being stubborn, open mindness, acceptance. and determination. 

It’s truly not all about academics. When you meet the top of the staircase, you look down and realize the steps you climbed were, well … people. People build people.

I hold a very special place in my heart for everyone who has crossed my path, every teacher, student, or janitor. USD 402 has always felt united to me, and this only gave me more appreciation for my teachers. They didn’t just want the best for my grades, they wanted the best for me. I can look back and wholeheartedly confirm I could not replace this irreplaceable group. 

And finally, to the class of 2022, what would I do without you? These people that I’ve grown up with for eight years, I don’t know any different, and I don’t want to know any different. I hold eternal gratitude for this class, truly. It’s more than just school, more than just the awaiting of a cap and gown. It’s life. Don’t blink.