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Maturity declines holiday school celebrations

October 15, 2021


The anticipation of awaiting the moment to wear fangs to grade school for the spooky spectacular Halloween party, or bringing your secret Santa gift to your classmate, to becoming a high school student where Halloween just feels like any other day. Students said the high school environment does not carry the same feeling around festive seasons like it once did.

 “I sort of feel like it’s the same as usual, except for some teachers, they put out certain decorations, but you don’t really see that with a lot of other teachers,” senior Alex Schmidt said.

Although some students claim holiday seasons in school do not bring along the same festive environmental feelings they once used to, others state opinions towards how new celebrations could be brought into the school.

“I think that we should have a little bit more festiveness with our holiday activities and how we celebrate. I do think that we could bring back some of the traditions that we had in grade school,” Sophomore Abbigale King said. “For example, it could be like a 50 cent donation to go buy a Valentine, or for Christmas, we could all apply for a little secret Santa.”

The idea of the appropriate age level for celebrating seasonal activities differs from student to student. Parties, Halloween costumes and candy may cause distraction from academics.

“I think if we did celebrate in high school, it should be pretty simple, but it should still be there because we already don’t do anything,” junior Lola Tuschhoff said.

Other students do not agree that the celebratory factor should be as simple.

“We may be in high school, but we should still be able to enjoy actually doing those things, having parties for Halloween, dressing up, and having all that fun,” Schmidt said. 

Elementary students do not have after-school jobs or responsibilities that stop them from festive celebrations. 

“I do believe Halloween should be celebrated at this grade and age level because, being teenagers, a lot of us have jobs and other responsibilities, so we often don’t have time to celebrate outside of school,” King said.

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