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Freshman Maria Vargas-Espinoza, swims for her P.E. class Aug. 31 at the city pool. Freshmen had not yet experienced swimming for school.

Swimming activity faces controversial student opinions

September 8, 2021


Physical education related classes began swimming at the local pool during the first few weeks of school. Contrasting opinions paved the way for this recurring activity to be a hot topic of conversation among students.

“Most people don’t like to do it because the water is too cold, and they’d rather just stay in the school and just do their normal PE  activities,” senior Dominick Rios said.

Personal opinions from a handful of students tend to differ from the majority of students.

“I’ve honestly liked it so far, it’s not too exerting to be honest, and it’s fun to get in the water,” Rios said.

Approaching the positives, other students agree.

“I kind of enjoy it because you get to play games, and work out and just swim with a bunch of people that normally don’t go to the pool,” sophomore Grissom Shaver said.

Students have bounced around ideas to replace swimming such as, unique games or activities that could be brought to physically centered classes.

Shaver would “Probably go bike riding with the school, just to bike around,”.

Looking on the opposite spectrum of the main swimming subject, not all students find enjoyment in it, some regular negative comments are made.

“The water’s too cold,” Rios said. “It’s too early for this because I have it first block.”

While Rios had shed light to the negative student remarks of this activity, other students look at the positives. 

“It really gets everyone to like cardio and gets your heart racing,” sophomore Will Stueven said.

The year before covid, swimming was a regular p.e activity however, swimming does not follow mask wearing or social distancing guidelines, therefore it was not allowed.

“On the way there, we have to wear masks on the bus and on the way back, but while we’re at the pool you obviously can’t wear a mask,” sophomore Sophie Scott said. 

Upcoming freshmen who have not gone swimming for a physical education class face new experiences in PE, along with new challenges.

“I enjoy swimming because it’s fun, but sometimes the workouts are hard, and you just got to push through it,” freshman Gavin Bohon said.

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