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Administration adds gender neutral bathrooms to increase overall privacy

September 24, 2021


Photo Illustration by Hayden Blair

For a bathroom to be gender neutral, it must relate to or be intended for any gender. Gender neutral bathrooms have been available at the high school since August of 2021.


Times are advancing, and students want change. The school’s administration decided to provide exactly that by changing three bathrooms from gender specific into bathrooms that anyone may use. Two may be found in the senior hallway across from rooms 204 and 205, and the third is in the upper commons.

“Thoughts of changing the bathrooms were always a thought in my head,” principal Rick Rivera said. “I wanted a way for students to have more privacy.”

Rivera made the alteration near the beginning of the school year and ordered new signs for the bathroom. Once the signs arrived, he made sure they were placed on the doors. 

Counselor Audrey Neuschafer knows this change is a good change.

“It’s for a lot of different reasons that we’re moving forward in these ways, but I think it’s a step in the right direction,” Neuschafer said.

So far, the change is not affecting most students, but they are grateful the school us working to make going to school as safe and private as possible. 

“The changes can be good, and the changes can be bad,” senior Jaden Shumaker said, “But so far the changes are definitely good.”

Shumaker is not the only student who thinks the changes are good.

“I definitely feel safer with these new bathrooms,” junior Sarah Ciaponni said. “I don’t have to feel like everyone’s eyeing me in the bathroom that I am meant to use.”

Many people want change, and they’re hoping the school will provide that.

“Extra safety and more privacy is definitely important to make students feel more important and a part of the school culture,” sophomore Alex Evans said.

Even freshmen are glad the administration wants to make everyone feel safe and secure in the school.

“Personally, I think it would be better for the school to make changes,” freshman Brianna Hayes said. “It would be really helpful and make people feel better having this extra bathroom option for privacy reasons.”

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