Biased seating lives in the lunchroom


Photo by Isaac Basquez

Third lunch during 3B. Students have a choice of where they want to sit, choosing from booths, stools, or regular six to eight seat tables.

The administration decided on the new style of the seating, adding stools, booths, tables and more comfy chairs. However, I have noticed some bias related to where people sit in the lunchroom.

The best seating in the lunchroom is the booths since students have easy access to the microwaves and have plenty of seating for friends or other people to talk to.

Even though I feel all the new chairs, booths and stools are very comfortable, I see a majority of students sitting in the booths or the stools.

The booths and stools are chosen more because they are just a different feel from normal lunch tables, and people always love something new.

Some students still decide to sit at the normal lunch tables, because it has more space than the stools or booths sometimes, but it does not make up for the comfortableness of the booths or stools.

The booths and stools are an easy pick for the best place to sit since they make the lunchroom feel more like a food court or somewhere I can enjoy food and talking to friends.

I feel the lunchroom should have diversity in where people sit because it makes good use of the new tables and chairs, but also allows people to have opinions on where the best place to sit is.

All the new tables and chairs are all a great addition to the lunchroom, but out of all the options, the booths are my best choice of seating, as it provides good access to microwaves, and always has good enough seating for my friends.