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Society doubts modern entertainment

Hayden Blair
Many games, such as John Romero’s “Doom” have classic eight bit versions as well as the more modern and realistic version. The two versions of the same game are a good example of how video game graphics have changed throughout the years.

In the world of entertainment, the differences between classic and modern is a long, drawn out argument. Factors such as graphics, content, length, etc. are the main points discussed in these arguments. 

Entertainment has long existed in the world, with many forms starting humbly but evolving with time. Games, sports, video games, movies, etc. are all different forms of entertainment, many going back hundreds or thousands of years. 

I think that while classic media has a larger number of massive hits, the modern hits just have much more of an impact. 

It truly boils down to this: how it looks, and how it is used. When people think of entertainment in any way, the first two reasons they think of is how entertaining something looks, and how entertaining it actually is.

If a game or movie looks cool, we are compelled to interact with it, but if upon using it, it only keeps us intrigued for a few minutes, we put it down and move on. 

In the majority of cases, older is better. 

With classic movies such as “Jaws or “Star Wars” or even a game of Chess, most old entertainment is better. However, modern media has factors that greatly outweigh the entertainment of the past, and therefore is better.

Technology is reaching a point of realism where video games look phenomenal. While games can have stories that are lackluster the player can put it down and simply play another game that looks equally as good but plays better. 

Modern media can also take longer to create than the simple games of the past, so the negatives may seem more common.

In the 80’s when video gaming was in its earlier stages, creating games that could keep a player’s attention was quick and easy but did not have the depth of story that players look for in today’s games. Instead, the games were created solely for gameplay and were released quickly. The ones considered bad could go virtually unnoticed. Now, with advertising everywhere, games are always in people’s minds. This means when a game does not appeal to a player’s standards, or is not fully fleshed out, it really sticks out and sours a person’s vision of the modern game scene.

While old entertainment has a special place in my heart, new technology and graphics win my attention every time. 

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About the Contributor
Hayden Blair, Crew-Editor
Senior Hayden Blair is a Crew-Editor on The Oriole newspaper. He has been a member of staff for three years. His first year, he was a reporter. The following year, he became a Crew-Editor. He is also the producer of the Brick A Productions. He joined with the hope to spread necessary news to the community. Outside of journalism, he likes to act and participate in the school’s drama productions. When he is not at school, he can be found at work, home or out with friends. His current favorite music artist is MF DOOM. 
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