Organized spaces reflect personality, routines


Rachel Womeldorff

An organized and contained shelf in Assistant-Editor, sophomore Rachel Womeldorff’s room. Womeldorff keeps her space organized and clean to help her maintain stress.

The sight of clothing strewn across the floor, cluttered surfaces and an unmade bed can induce anxiety for some people, including myself.

I find a neatly kept space can help me keep my life organized. My room is often where I spend my spare time outside of school. After a long and tiring day of school and other extracurricular activities, it can be relieving to walk into a space that is not overwhelming.

However, having a messy room can help others feel secure and at ease. Certain people enjoy specific lifestyles, and messiness can help them concentrate in a difficult time. Disorganization is not a negative thing for some people. 

How messy something is can simply be in the eye of the beholder. While I might see something as a disaster, another might see it as so-called organized chaos. 

The way a person keeps and organizes their space can tell a lot about them. For example, my room is neat and tidy which indicates that I am punctual and enjoy having structure to my routines. If a room is messy, it can show that the individual has a more chaotic or spontaneous lifestyle.

In order for me to feel balanced and satisfied, I must have a clean and organized environment.