Sports managers work behind the scene at sports practices

Graphic by TiAna Arnn

TiAna Arnn

Graphic by TiAna Arnn

 Soccer balls being kicked, softballs being thrown from one player to the next and baseball players running to bases, each sport has it’s own managers who have joined for different reasons. 

Some people like sports but do not want to play them, so they choose to be a manager instead.

Junior Libby Skaer decided to be a manager because she was done playing softball but still wanted to be involved. 

“I didn’t want to be part of softball anymore, and last year I got injured, so I was also the manager then as well,” Skaer said. 

Soccer manager Freshman Lexie Moore joined for a different reason.

“Well originally, I was in set crew, but I was really close to Emma and my mental health was dropping, so I decided being outside more would just be better for me physically and mentally,” Moore said.

Being a manager they do some different activities that people might not know about. 

“I usually take stats and get anything the coaches can’t do at the moment because they are busy,” baseball manager senior Catryna Winzer said. “This in return helps the coach’s focus more on helping the players.” 

While one baseball manager is grabbing stuff the coaches need, the other one runs the batting lineup to the coaches. 

“I pretty much just run GameChanger, which is an app for people to watch the plays of the game and stats, and I run the batting lineup to the other coaches and press box,” senior Lillliah Mayfield said. 

At soccer practice and during games the managers do different tasks than the baseball managers. 

“We record at games, and on days we don’t record, we talk and get balls that go out of bounds and talk with the girls,” Moore said.

While people see a lot of different things that happen at games, other activities go on at practice that other people don’t know about .

“We meditate before each practice and condition every day as well,” Skaer said. 

Even though practices are supposed to be time to learn new skills, some fun activities do happen. 

“Lots of singing and dancing goes on,” Moore said. “My first day, we started to sing ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’, and everyone just had a dance party, and it was just so fun.” 

Even when all the singing and dancing is going on each sports team is like a big family.

“One thing that most people don’t know of is that they all act like a big family and have such a good bond with each other,” Mayfield said.