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Athletes recieve support from fans

Photo courtesy Samantha Madorin
Marching band members wait for a timeout to play their songs at the Friday football game. The band, along with cheerleaders and dancers perform at every home football game.

The sound of loud cheering, smells of popcorn and hotdogs and whistles from the referee fill the Friday night air. This is a regular Friday night for athletes, cheerleaders, dancers and the band. 

Athletes such as junior Gabe Kohls enjoy the support from the students and band.

“It’s really cool because I can look up when I make a big play, I can point at the drumline and say, “Hey,” and I know there are people who are getting excited,” Kohls said.

Adults such as student resource officer Mat Meckel find that support from fans encourages athletes.

“I think anytime you have fans, especially students in the stands watching, it motivates you to play harder, and motivates you to play tougher, and you give more because they’re there to support you, and you don’t want to disappoint,” Meckel said.

Some sports receive more support than others, and sophomore Molly Marteney, would like to see more energy at their games.

“We tend to play a lot better when we have a lot of noise and excitement. That really only happens if there’s a lot going on,” Marteney said. “I want our student section to be a lot louder because half the time, people would show up and then they just sit there.”

 Even though some sports do not get much attention, there are reasons for the lack of support

“[Drumline] tried to go to the soccer game; It’s just that everyone is busy on Saturdays. It’s not a set thing like pep band,” Kohls said.

Sports each have their fans, support and much more that helps them feel confident and excited to play. Sports often create an encouraging environment for athletes. 

“I’ve always liked to see the bands and the cheerleaders at all sports, but I know they’re only at certain ones,” Meckel said. “I would like to see them share some of that time maybe, they’re at every football game, which draws the biggest crowds here, but it would be nice to look at some other sports that don’t get much recognition.”

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Emily Brinkley, Reporter
Sophomore Emily Brinkley is a second-year reporter for The Oriole. She joined newspaper to be closer to the students in the school. She hopes people will be able to learn more about their community and classmates through the stories that are written. When she graduates from high school, she would like to study to be a kindergarten teacher. Brinkley is also a member of the color guard and in her second year, she was chosen to lead the team as captain. She feels honored that she is able to lead the team.  When she is not in school, she enjoys reading, fishing with her family, playing with her dog Walter or listening to music. 
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