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Seniors leave legacy for future players

Photo by Landon Riggs

Looking back on the boys soccer season, seniors Logan Ruddle, Peyton Carselowey and Cooper Buell finish the season with memories and advice for underclassmen players. 

Buell was a captain for the Orioles and led his team by facilitating his teammates and keeping the ball on the scoring side.

 “I started playing at the age of four for my dad,” Buell said. “I look up to my dad as he’s always been a safety net for me, while always pushing me to my limits to become the best I can be.”  

Buell spent four years playing varsity soccer and living every moment of it to his fullest. He leaves some words of wisdom to the younger classes. 

“If they can all be individual leaders for the team, then they will succeed,” Buell said. “A ‘player led’ team will thrive much more than a coach who has to force the energy to the team.” 

  Buell left his mark with Augusta and will continue to play soccer in college. Helping Buell out on the defensive side, Carselowey proved this season why he was one of the best goalies in the state. 

“I started playing soccer when me and my friend would be at recess, while his dad, Mat Meckel, would play with us,” Carselowey said. “Sargeant Meckel introduced me to the Raptors little league soccer team, and our whole class formed a life-long bond.”

The guys on the team were significant to Carselowey as they grew up playing together since they were five or six years old. Over the course of his soccer career, his favorite moment took place just this past year.  

 “We had a really good opportunity to all play together and it creates a better culture for the fans and our families,” Carselowey said.  

Carselowey created many memories on the soccer pitch, while one stood out the most. Augusta and Classical have always had a soccer rivalry and it’s always a good game. 

“It was a very close game against Classical,” Carselowey said. “We were tied 0-0. A shot from 20-25 yards out, my top left corner, and I ended up saving it, letting us go on to win the game.”

Carselowey would not trade playing soccer with his friends for anything. With Carselowey holding the defence down, Ruddle led Kansas in goals scored for the 4A class.

“I looked up to my coaches more than anything this year and wish them all the best,” Ruddle said.

Ruddle had the same upbringing as his friends, playing for the Raptors when he was younger. From an early age, people knew he had talent with the ball at his feet. Putting in shots from outside the box and beyond become an ‘every game’ occurrence. 


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