Students shouldn’t be required to go to school on Fridays

In comparison to other schools, our school has five days of school each week. This leads to stress because of the amount of homework handed out throughout that week. 

Being able to have three days to relax and get caught up with homework would help students be less stressed and be more prepared on Monday.

If we participated in having only four days, it would also help our school with having an even amount of A and B days instead of having an extra day of a class in a week. Also, getting Fridays off would give teachers the opportunities to have in-service days on Fridays so that school would not have to be canceled. 

Although having Fridays off would be wonderful for not only to me but to each student, there are some positives to having five days a week like turning in homework before a three day break. Five days give teachers more time to teach and allow students to have enough time to learn.

As well as with those five days, many faculty members believe that having only two days away from school will give students enough time to relax and become motivated to come back to school again. The faculty also believes that two days off each week makes sure students do not get bored with school. I feel like it is still not enough time to get away from school. 

Even with those positives of having a whole week of school, I think that Fridays off would be good for everyone. Having a three day weekend is relaxing, and not a lot of snow days would be used if we had them as well. 

Our school should participate in a four-day week schedule to give students the break away from school that they need. Fridays off will give me, students, and faculty members the relieving break after an already stressful week.