Dark sides come with Valentine’s Day


Photo by Ivory Rightnar

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, but should love should not be based on how much money someone spends. The typical couple goes to dinner, has dessert, goes out to a movie and spends money on gifts for each other. These activities make the price of Valentine’s Day expensive.

Most people see Valentine’s Day as either a day of love or regret. Originally, Valentine’s Day was meant to be a day of love and romance, but as the years pass people began to dread not only the holiday but the expenses that came with it. 

On this romantic holiday, couples tend to participate in various activities, which sometimes include a movie, a fancy dinner with dessert, then a little something special afterward. All of this, plus a gift for one another. The costs add up to be very expensive and most of the time it is the man in the relationship spending the money. This being a reason why males dislike the holiday. 

Another reason for the hatred of the holiday is the pressure of having to be with a significant other. The holiday is based on love and romance, but what if you have no one to spend the holiday with? Singles are left by themselves and often spend the day eating chocolate, watching sad romance movies, and left wondering why they are not good enough for anyone. Studies show that Valentine’s Day is nationally the time with the highest suicide rate because of the expectation to be in love and with someone. 

Not to mention the dark origins that come with Valentine’s Day. 

“One origin of the holiday credits the ancient Roman festival “Lupercalia,” which celebrated spring by pairing off women with men by lottery. Tradition called for men to sacrifice a goat and a dog, then whip their women with the hides of the animals they had just slain,” BuzzFeed said. 

The holiday was also named after the execution of two men (died years apart) on Feb. 14, both named St. Valentine.

As I see it, love should be celebrated every day, not just one day out of the year. This holiday leads people to believe that there is only one day to be romantic, Valentine’s Day. Every day you should cherish your significant other and tell them how lucky you are to have them.