Social media causes narcissism


Social Media plays a big role in society nowadays. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are very popular, but they are affecting their users and not for the better.

Popular social media apps are making their more narcissistic. Narcissism is the gratification from the admiration of one’s self-image and features. Those apps are made to share what’s happening in people’s lives but some people take sharing too far and get carried away with themselves. 

It’s not bad to be proud of yourself or want to share accomplishments, but there is a difference between being proud and wanting to brag for compliments and attention. 

Being proud of an accomplishment and sharing it with others is not a problem. The problem is that people share photos and updates looking for attention, compliments and to boost their self esteems.

Not everyone who uses social media is going to be narcissistic, but ever since these media apps became more popular, more people only care about themselves. 

It’s okay to love yourself, but people should spend their time other than worrying about likes on their recent posts. 

Narcissists normally value money, fame and materialistic items over everything else that really matters. I think it is important to work hard and reach your goals, but working hard and narcissism are two different things.

If social media keeps going the way it is going, narcissism is going to rise even more across the country. 

Narcissism in celebrities and influencers rub off onto their fans and creates more narcissism. 

In order for America to fix some of the bigger problems. I believe we need to take care of smaller problems like narcissism beforehand.