Children trick or treating at an appropriate age

Trick or treating is meant for little children that enjoy dressing up and getting candy with their parents. I believe that by the time someone reaches high school, they are too old to go trick or treating, with the exception of them taking their younger siblings around. Even when walking younger siblings around to go trick or treating, the older sibling still should not be asking for candy, although it is acceptable for them to still dress up. 

I believe that teenagers are taking away the fun in trick or treating when they decide to try to get candy. Often children have to wait in somewhat of a short line to get candy at houses, often in the cold. When high schoolers are line to get this candy, younger kids are having to wait longer than they should just to get a piece of candy. This also takes candy away from kids that are coming to houses later in the night. Teenagers often try to scare the younger children walking around whether they are trick or treating or not, which ruins a child’s trick or treating experience. 

I volunteered at Boo at the Zoo at the Sedgwick County Zoo on Oct. 27. Throughout the day I worked with at least 150 kids of all ages. I worked the pumpkin bowling booth, which after people bowl they get two pieces of candy. When the older kids (those in high school) bowled they completely demolished the game and some even broke the fake pumpkins. This took away from the little children there and maybe even scared them to try the game. 

By the time teenagers reach high school they should stop trick or treating. They are too old and ruin the fun for children of age that are trick or treating.