Guest speaker Dombo shares inspirational story

April 1, 2019

Derby resident Julie Dombo was shot during an armed robbery in Derby AT&T store August 2015. Due to blood loss, Dombo became a quadruple amputee. Dombo visited social studies teacher Jeff Regier’s crime and American justice class Feb. 25 and shared her story. “At 9:30 in the morning you think y...

Blessing Boxes aid town

Sydnee Kuhn, Reporter

April 1, 2019

Blessing Box are wooden boxes found around town that volunteers create and stock items such as toiletries and food. A Blessing Box in Augusta is located on 1409 Ohio St. The article, “A box filled with blessing” from The Butler County Times-Gazette states that real estate agent Heather Holmes has fulfillment when she helps others with supplies and happiness. She and her husband wanted to put a box on a property they own, but they wanted a Wichita boy to help them. “His Facebook page indicated that he had more than...

Juniors met at The Point Event Center Nov. 7. This year's theme,

Junior class organizes prom

March 28, 2019

The junior class is traditionally responsible for everything prom related. Meetings are held year-round until the dance finally happens. Administrative assistant, Kelly Groom has been in charge of prom for eight to 10 years of the 23 years she has been involved with prom. Groom began her involvem...

An Oriole News poll reveals that males participate more in sports than fine arts groups at Augusta. The highest male involvement in fine arts groups is band at 15.4 percent.

Fine arts groups lack males

March 20, 2019

Males have lots of involvement in sports groups this year. An Oriole News poll shows, 66.3 percent of Augusta males are involved in sports while 33.6 percent are involved in a fine art. Members of staff, as well as students have their opinions about why. “It shows that guys are weak and guys can...

A deer portraying symptoms of CWD. The disease also affects elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer and moose.

Zombie Deer Disease on the rise

March 18, 2019

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been on the rise since the late 1960s. The disease, which has recently been named Zombie Deer Disease, has been found in many free-ranging elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer and moose on north-west hunting grounds in more than 24 states. The most...

New FightSong app promises help

You can get the app on Google's Play Store, Apple's App Store, the QR code or the organization code: 162205

Michael Carter, Reporter

February 26, 2019

FightSong is a new app, which helps students report bullying anonymously to their principals and counselors. With the FightSong app, students are able to report incidents using the comfort of their own device. “FightSong empowers students to take back their lives from bullies by giving them technolo...

The Augusta theater sits in the 500 block of State Street. The theater is known for its artwork and production.

Augusta Historic Theatre shows classic movies

February 20, 2019

Augusta Historic Theatre decided that this year it will play classic older movies during the second weekend of each month. “We hope that by playing these movies they can draw in viewers from the wider metropolitan area around Augusta, the majority of which are unaware that our theater exists,”...

Carly Condella (11) practices lines with Amber Braddy (12), Ariana Ramseyer (9) and Katelyn Moore (12) during auditions for the play in the auditorium. Auditions were held Jan. 31 after school.

Spring play brings Poe to life

February 13, 2019

The spring play, which will be performed April 5-6, it will be a drama called “Tell Tale,” explaining the life of Edgar Allan Poe. It will be performed April 5-6. The play also consists of one 15 minute intermission and two short stories “Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Fall of the House of Usher,” ...

Members of the scholars bowl team hold their first place trophy from regional contest. The team placed 5th at the state competition.

Scholars bowl attends state

February 13, 2019

The scholars bowl team placed first in their regional meet at Winfield High School Jan. 31, qualifying them to compete in the state tournament Feb. 9. State was held at Wellington High School, the top four teams from each regional attended. The Orioles were undefeated during pool play in regionals with a...

Lewellen, Williams earn scholarships

Michaela Lord, Reporter

February 6, 2019

Lindsey Lewellen (12) and Presley Williams (12) have received full-ride academic scholarships to the college of their choice starting in the fall. “I am going to Newman University, and the scholarship is a full-ride tuition. I am starting in the fall,” Williams said. On the other hand, Lindsey received a full-ride scholarship to Oklahoma State University (OSU) in Stillwater. She plans on using the scholarship to achieve a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Then she plans to achieve a master’s in business ...

Augusta welcomes new Wendy’s

Jonathan Doss, Reporter

February 4, 2019

Augusta welcomed a new addition to the fast food market with the introduction of Wendy’s located at 517 W 7th Ave. Since its grand opening, people have been swarming to Wendy’s. While other fast food restaurants offer grand opening specials such as a free cheeseburger or drink, Wendy’s only offered a $2 off coupon. Wendy’s has presented a new way to urge customers to make purchases on a regular basis. Wendy’s recently marketed their new Frosty Key Tags for the Dave Thomas Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated ...

Counselor Jennie Lary helps children color kindness posters for the school. Other classes wrote letters and cut out kindness hands. Photo by Paige Harrington (10)

School participates in Great Kindness Challenge 2019

February 1, 2019

The week started off with a bang as students welcomed the Great Kindness Challenge. The challenge was to perform as many acts of kindness as possible during the week. Counselor Elizabeth Hamblin started the challenge six years ago when she joined the high school staff. “It wasn’t as big as...

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