Sunshine Protection Act changes daylight saving

The Sunshine Protection Act was introduced Jan. 4, 2021 and would make daylight saving time permanent, which means the U.S. would not have to spring forward or fall back.

“I honestly don’t really have a strong opinion either way,” math teacher Allen Bodyk said. “I like the time change just because I like the change of the seasons, and I like it when it gets dark in the early part of the season and when it’s light in the later part of the seasons.” 

Freshman Antonio Meade believes benefits would come with this bill.

“People would get longer hours to work,which would make things in the community happen faster and better,” Meade said.

Meade is not the only one who thinks changing the clocks is a bad idea.

“I think it would help with my sleep not changing the clocks back and forth but just having a set sleep schedule,” sophomore Tanner Ray said. 

“Spring Forward” takes away an hour of sleep and can have consequences reported by CNN in the article ‘Poor sleep in older adults linked to early death.’

“I heard there’s a lot more old people who die when they lose the hour at night since they are so used to their regular sleep schedule,” Ray said.

Some students believe that doing this wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

“I don’t have to wake up an hour early, I guess, But then other times I get to wake up or I get to sleep in an hour, so I feel like if we just keep it the way it is then no one is losing sleep,” freshman Rylee Sanger said.L