Student injuries become more common

Junior Dylen Slussers Tibia fracture

Photo courtesy Dylen Slusser

Junior Dylen Slusser’s Tibia fracture

It’s the middle of a game, and a whistle is heard. Officials as well as the coach rush out toward an injured player, and the coach picks them up and removes them from the field. After a few minutes of confusion and discussion, the game resumes.

Injuries come in all shapes and sizes, caused by all kinds of activities.

“I was wrestling in the locker room, and I heard my leg snap and I was rushed to the emergency room,” sophomore James Barnett said. 

In the world of sports, injuries are quite common.

“I was doing the splits in a dance routine and landed wrong, resulting in my leg breaking,” freshman Juliana Rivera said. “I had to wear a cast from the knee down.”

Due to their injuries, students have changes of all sorts to their lives in and outside of school. For example, senior Tommie Schaffner had to adjust due to her sprained ankle.

“It was harder to drive and walk since I could use only one foot due to my boot,” Schaffner said. “I also couldn’t go to volleyball practice for a week and a half due to the injury as well.”

Students also have different reactions to the cause of these injuries. 

“I was extremely worried at first since it was my senior season,” Schaffner said, “but it happened near the end of the season, and it ended up being okay.”

This also affects the parents of the students since they had to help their children. 

“Since I had fractured my tibia, my family just helped me move around the house and brought me anything I may have needed,” junior Dylen Slusser said. “Also, due to the knee brace I couldn’t fully extend my leg.”

The extracurricular activities these students were a part of also had a change.

“I had to be a lot more cautious with everything I was going to do, even going up stairs,” Rivera said.

Students also had different reactions to their braces or casts.

“It sucks not being able to move my leg,” Barnett said. “I really want to be able to just move my leg but my cast, since it covers my whole leg, makes it almost impossible.”