ACT scores released

Juniors and sophomores took the ACT test for colleges and universities to evaluate their scores on March 7, 2023.
“My best was science, which was a 30, while my worst was a 23 on the English,” junior Alex Evans said. “It definitely could’ve gone better, but it is good for my first ACT score.”
Junior Patrick Dieter took the test, but was not satisfied with his score.
“I think I did decent on different portions than what I predicted,” Dieter said. “I am good at math, but I did not excel in the math portion.”
If junior students are not satisfied with their scores, they can retake their tests in the summer or fall season of their senior year.
“I got a 24 on it while I got a 25 on the English portion,” Dieter said. “I feel like if I had time to prepare for it, or I would have just taken the time to prepare for it, I would have done a lot better than I did.”
Junior Trevon Pascal prepared for the test, but may take it again depending on his score.
“I got some good sleep the night before and a good breakfast to be energized,” Pascal said.
“I will take it again if my score is lower than what I want.”
Dieter also plans to take the ACT again due to his dissatisfaction with his score.
“I will definitely take it again to boost up my math score,” Dieter said. “I plan on taking it in the summertime.”
Sophomore Emma Richardson took the ACT so she can hopefully get a better score as a junior.
“I wanted to be able to know what’s on it,” Richardson said. “I knew, if I took it as a sophomore, I could do better as a junior or senior.”
Richardson prepared for the test by asking English teacher Becky Timberlake for help; however, she was not satisfied with her score.
“I took a practice ACT at home, then I asked Mrs. Timberlake for help,” Richardson said. “I, got a 14 on reading, which was pretty low, so I asked what I could do better. Overall, I got an 18 which isn’t what I want, but I am glad I did well in English, which I got a 23.”