Business teacher starts disc golf club


Photo by Caleb Knollenberg

Junior Kabren Wetzel drives down hole 3. The club’s first team event was on August 27.

Business teacher Matt Childers has an itch for disc golf, and with the school’s permission he started the Augusta Orioles Disc Golf Club. 

At the end of last school year, Childers made his rounds playing disc golf when he ran into some members of the wrestling team.

“While they were outstanding wrestlers, they were pretty pathetic disc golfers,” Childers said. “I thought that maybe we could help teach them a thing or two about what fat people can do, which is disc golf.”

Sophomore Elijah Bryant has prior knowledge of the sport and enjoys improving his skills with club members.

“My favorite thing about disc golf is how relaxing it is being able to go out there and throw frisbees,” Bryant said.

Students also enjoy the opportunities they get with the new club.

“It gets me out there more; I don’t really go often but this gives me the opportunity,” junior Kabren Wetzel said.

Childer’s experiences with disc golf have played a big part in his life.

“I’ve been playing disc golf since I was a little kid,” said Childers. “I took a class in college called fundamentals of flying disc sports.”

Coming to Augusta, Childers had plans for the future of disc golf here and how the community played a role.

“Community leaders basically built the course with little to no financing from the city; it was mostly covered in donations from community members,” Childers said.