Starting school affects teenagers’ social lives


Photo by Bren Pittman

A group of students both eating and socializing at the same time. These students were laughing at a joke junior Ashlyn Bowen made.

On the last day of summer, students reminisce on all of the memories they had made. All of the fun and exciting moments had finally come to an end. Some teenagers and children are sad, while others were excited.

Some teenagers were excited to start school again, but only for the reason that they would be able to see all their old friends.   

“I wasn’t very happy about starting school, but I was excited for the fact that I could see the people I didn’t keep in touch with over the summer,” junior Xander Roberts said. “I’ve been more social since school started and reconnected with people I lost connection with,”

While Roberts believes starting school helped him be more social, others thought school makes social lives worse.

“I don’t get to hang out with as many people I did in the summer,” sophomore Kallie Smith said. “Everyone is so worried about homework and sports that no one is able to hang out as much,”

Starting school again is a chance to reconnect with the friends they didn’t see over the summer while for Smith it is the time when everyone is too busy to spend free time with friends.

“School makes my social life better because I get to talk to more people daily but on the other hand it makes it worse because again, no one can hang,” Smith said. 

Both good and bad come out of students starting school again. Teenagers can see and talk to their friends and have the opportunity to make new friends in classes, clubs, and any other after school gathering or activity. Going back to school can also damage those parts of teen lives by taking up their free time. 

“I think a lot of people’s social lives were like mine, everyone just hung out and talked to close friends over the summer, but as school started everyone started to talk to people they lost connection with over the summer,” Roberts said.