Science olympiad continues streak of state qualification

Constructing bridges to hold weight, taking tests over a variety of astronomy topics and working as a team to compete and win events are all normal activities that the science olympiad club goes through. 

After having participated in science olympiad for more than one year, junior Alex Evans is prepared to go to state once again.

“I think it is great and amazing that we are going to state again,” Evans said. “It’s not everyday we can prove that we are better than other teams.”

Evans is not the only member who has been involved for two years of science olympiad who is also proud of going to state.

“I think it’s really cool that our team has been able to go to state for multiple years as not a lot of science olympiad teams get that chance,” sophomore Devon Stamback said. “I think going to state, even if we don’t win, is a good chance to improve our skills.”

While junior Gavin Holder has only been in science olympiad for one year, he still finds it to be a fun experience.

“Being able to participate in science olympiad has given me an opportunity to get smarter and learn something new,” Holder said. “It has also allowed me to have fun at meets and regionals, where I got to learn more about a subject I am really passionate about.”

Even though some students do not know about science olympiad, that has not stopped the club from placing at regional competitions and qualifying for seven state competitions since 2016.

“This year, we went to an invitational in Kansas City, placed sixth at regionals, and we’re going to state this year,” Evans said. “This is fantastic as last year we also got the chance to go to regionals and state.”

Holder is impressed with the teams’ achievements in competitions.

“The team overall did really well, [Evans] has gotten five medals or regionals or something like that,” Holder said. “We have a lot of people that are good at different things and aspects.”

While science olympiad has 45 different events to choose from and compete in, each club member has the opportunity to choose the specific events they compete in.

“This year I’ve done Dynamic Planet, Astronomy, Forestry, Detector Building and Bridge,” Evans said, “and since we did so well in Bridge, we even took second place in Bridge at regionals.”

Stamback is also able to compete in the events he wants, but he tries to be helpful elsewhere.

“I usually do the Green Generation and Astronomy events primarily,” Stamback said, “but I can fill in other events if I need to.”

Since this is not their first time competing at state, members are hopeful for good performances during state contest April 1.

“I think we will perform pretty well, and I think a few of us will definitely get some medals,” Stamback said.

The science olympiad team celebrates their sixth place trophy at regionals. Regionals was held at Andover middle school Feb. 4. (Photo courtesy Madison Luinstra.)