Girls show personalities with nail designs

The sound of nail drills, the pedicure seat bowls filling with water, and the smell of nail polish remover mingled with different diffusers and lotions fill the air.

As clients walk into the nail salon and pick out nail polish and when they open the nail polish they get a big whiff of the fumes from the bottle.

Monthly or every few months girls have nails done. 

Freshman Jenna Crosby has her nails done every few months due to the sports she plays. 

“I can not have my nails done during football season because they will be ripped off from some other football player,” Crosby said. 

 Sophomore Alliana Heller  her nails done every three to four weeks because they start to grow out. 

Senior Tori Wilson gets her nails done every month. 

“My nails stay on for a long time.” Wilson said. 

Senior Kaitlynn Hulse has her nails done every once a month or even longer.

While acrylic nails are popular Heller, Wilson, Hulse have a full set of acrylics, and they pay between $50 and $80 for a full set of acrylics. Designs and the shapes are a part of the cost. With the cost it depended on if Crosby chose acrylics or just dip. Depending on what she wants to pay for her nails. Her nails vary from $50 to $60. 

Acrylic nails are an extension of the nail that is glued to the tip of the nail that are painted or dipped. 

 Wilson goes with her with her grandma while Crosby usually goes to the salon by herself. Wilson also pays for both sets of acrylics. 

Coffin nails are a basic shape for the nails which Crosby, Hulse, Heller and Wilson usually get the coffin shape. Coffin nails are flatten at the end to resemble a coffin. There are various shapes that girls can also get instead.