Teens’ Halloween traditions change as they get older


Photo courtesy by Lexie Moore

Sophomore Lexie Moore shows her ‘50’s costume shew will wear for Halloween. Moore plans on passing out candy to her neighborhood children.

While families are passing out candy, and students dress up in costume, everyone has a different opinion on Halloween. 

Freshman Cressa Shaver does not like Halloween. 

“It’s kind of boring, and it’s weird going around to houses just to get food,” Shaver said.  

While Shaver does not care for Halloween, sophomore Abby Marteney enjoys it 

“I love Halloween,” Marteney said. “Halloween is my favorite holiday because of all of the decorations and spooky 1vibes.” 

While Halloween is Marteney’s favorite holiday, senior Zach Bryan has a different view. 

“I don’t really like holidays that much,” Bryan said. “I do like a holiday that gets us out of school.” 

Even though not everyone likes Halloween, they still have a favorite memory from it. 

“When I was four and went trick-or-treating with my grandpa LeRoy,” sophomore Lexie Moore said. “My feet started hurting because I was wearing those baby-like heels, so he picked me up and took me around that way.” 

While Moore has her favorite memory with her family, sophomore Hunter Smith wants students to be allowed to dress up at school. 

“If we dress up at school, it brings out the best in people,” Smith said. 

While Smith believes dressing up at school would be fun, Marteney believes that administration should give students the next day off. 

“We should get it off or the day after because you are going to go late at night,” Marteney said,” If they want us to succeed in school, they should just give us the day off.” 

A part of Halloween that students particularly enjoy is making memories with their peers.