School year ends with summer plans


Keirea Hannah enjoying the lake time.

From the sizzle of a barbecue to the sounds of a crackling bonfire, and from the laughter of friends to happy family memories these are the sounds of summer. 

Elisa Stubby with her sister and cousins and some friends at her Grandfather’s barn.

During summer, Junior Elisa Stubby plans on taking vacations with her family to Table Rock Lake and Florida, but she is also thinking about what comes after high school

“I’m really excited to work on myself, and figure out what my plans are for the future, especially since I’m a junior right now,” Stubby said. 

Stubby plans on applying for scholarships and figuring out her top three colleges. 

“This will make me a lot less stressed during senior year,” Stubby said.

Freshman Gavin Bohon talks about his summer plans and what he is planning to do while he waits for his sophomore year of high school. 

“Every summer is a different story,” Bohon said. 

Bohon is playing baseball for his summer league. He also plans on going swimming, hanging out with friends, and going to the gym. While Bohon is doing all of this, he plans on hanging out with his family. One of Bohon’s favorite quotes about summer is from Beach Boys lead singer Brian Wilson.

Gavin Bohon in action to catch a baseball from Casyn Bybee.

“Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, enjoying the scenery, having fun times with family and friends,” Wilson said.  

Senior Ellie Craft has summer plans while she waits for her spirit to take her to what she is meant to do. 

During summer, Craft plans on working at a bank and trying to work toward her future goals. However, Craft plans on hanging out with friends and enjoying her summer. 

Craft plans on “having fun while I can before everyone scatters.”

Ellie Craft at her Senior presentation over motor cross, with her brother Ethan Craft.

Junior Keiera Hanna plans to spend most of her summer nights at the tracks or races. When She is not at races or the tracks, she plans on spending time with her friends and family at the lake. 

“I wanna be tan for winter,” Hanna said.`