COVID-19 affects the movie industry


Photo courtesy Kim Galgon

Freshman Rachel Womeldorff and sophomore Autumn Galgon volunteer at the Augusta Historic Theatre. Womeldorff and Galgon were helping take tickets at the movie theater.

Sitting in a chair watching the next big movie with the smell of popcorn and the taste of the sweet candy, the anticipation of the room and the complete silence from the viewers. These are all the memories people love about the movie theater, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, theaters have been affected by the increasing numbers of people watching movies through streaming services.

“COVID has had a detrimental effect on the movie industry because people aren’t going to the cinema anymore,” English teacher Tim Laner said, “so less movies are being made as well as money.” 

People are not afraid of the risks that come with watching movies in the theater.

“I don’t think going to see these movies causes any more risk than us going to school,” Laner said.

Theaters had a lack of money because people were not attending.

“There’s not a lot of people in the movies because of COVID,” sophomore Autumn Galgon said.

Freshman Hunter Murphy thinks the wait made it more climatic even before the movie was released.

“I think Spider-man deserved it’s popularity,” Murphy said. “The wait helped bring the dramatic effect we were hoping for in the movie.”

Galgon is excited for one specific upcoming movie.

“[I want to see] ‘Uncharted’ because it has Tom Holland in it, and it comes out in February,” Galgon said. 

“Uncharted” is an action/adventure movie that is starring two famous actors Holland and fellow famous actor Mark Wahlberg. It is a movie based on the video game “Uncharted”.  

Students think movies being pushed back due to COVID-19 has made people upset.

“There’s definitely a gap especially if you wanted to see a movie but it got pushed back from COVID,” Murphy said.