Teens let internet pug decide if they have bones


Photo by: Alyssa Ferrell

Senior Kirsten Woodard looks on TikTok to see Noodles the pug choose if it is a bones day or not. Noodles fans check TikTok daily just to see if Noodle will stand up or fall down.

Noodle, the 13-year-old pug, is a TikTok star thanks to his owner Jonathan Graziano. Noodle determines whether it will be a bones day or no bones day. If Noodle stands up on his mat, it is a bones day meaning viewers should treat themselves to what they want. want and a good day, but if he falls down, it is not a bones day meaning it will be a regular day. 

Some think Noodle is a distraction from feelings and brings hope from the pandemic or burnouts, while others think his owner tries too hard or thinks the owner is not funny. Rolling Stone canceled Noodle Oct. 27 when it printed,” “It’s definitely getting into the cheugy side of the internet, the more basic part of it.” Cheugy a slang term mocking someone or something as uncool. 

“I think it is cheugy of the Rolling Stone to call noodle cheugy,” junior Riley Athy-Sedbrook said.

Sedbrook thinks Noodle should not determine peoples’ days, but it is something to look forward to and many people think he’s cute. Others believe that at some point Noodle will age out of this trend. 

“I think, in the future, that Noodle will become lazy or too old and stop doing bones or no bones day,” freshmen Brianna Hayes said.  

Hayes thinks Noodle motivates people to have a better day, but some people take this too far and depend on him to decide whether they get out of bed or not, while others watch him because he’s cute and wants to know if he will stand or not. 

“I hope that Noodle will be on the news every day for enjoyment and everyone will be excited to watch him,” senior Kirsten Woodard said.