Performing with passion: Grace Stueven

Since she was little, junior Grace Stueven has participated in competitive dance. She is also part of the high school dance team.

Q: What draws you to dance?

A: “I think I’m drawn to dance because no matter what my situation is, no matter what I’m doing when I hear a song with a good beat and catchy tune I start to dance,” Stueven said, “Just ask Mr. Stevens.”

Q: Is there a specific reason you got into dance?

A: I don’t remember why I started dancing since I was very young, but I remember thinking of quitting over the years and the thought hurt my heart,” Stueven said.

Q: Explain your favorite memory involving dance? 

A: “I’m not sure what my favorite memory would be,” Stueven said. “We had an amazing tradition though where whenever we had the opportunity after competitions we’d meet at Joe’s Crab Shack and just eat together. I also loved watching my sister’s solos and watching all the younger girls get stronger as they grew up.’

Q: Tell us about you; what should we know about you? 

 A: “I’m 16, I go to AHS, and I love to scuba dive,” Stueven said. “I also never do my homework.”

Q: How do you feel when participating in dance?

A: “I’ve always had some complicated feelings about dance,” Stueven said. “On one had, I love it. I love being with the girls on the team and learning new routines and new turns or tricks. But I’ve also always struggled to fully enjoy it due to feeling like I was stuck and was never going to reach my goals, like I was dragging the team down by being there.”