Teachers take different roads to classrooms


Chadd Brown

Spanish teacher Frank Espinoza is going over grades in class. Espinoza was a police officer before he became a teacher.

The road to becoming a teacher is different for every person who tries or does it, for some it can be a chosen career path or something they did not see themselves doing. However, the teacher ended up down the path to become a teacher some sort of education is necessary.

“I decided to go to school through Wichita State through their master’s program for transition to teaching, which gives your credit for something that’s related to the subject matter that you want to do,” Spanish teacher Frank Espinoza said. “I got another master’s from Baker University in curriculum and instruction, for me, it was easy to use the degrees I had instead of starting over.”

Becoming a teacher can be difficult in the beginning with being new and trying to make a name in the community. While being in school try not to talk about certain topics that are able to talk about outside of the classroom.

“I was nervous. I was teaching seniors, so there wasn’t much of an age difference, and that was really hard and difficult, but it was good,” English teacher Becky Timberlake said. “I don’t think becoming a teacher is hard as long as you have that drive inside of you.”

Working with students full-time can be difficult under certain circumstances. Becoming a new teacher can be a little daunting working by teaching students.

“Being by yourself teaching multiple students can be difficult sometimes, and really challenging for some people,” Newman said. “Your boss is never around, and you need to be able to keep yourself in check.”

Working with multiple students daily, it can be difficult to make sure everybody is being educated. Generally, teachers feel rewarded when working with kids and can be the

main reason for entering the education field.

“It was definitely worth it becoming a teacher, it wasn’t my plan, but it is really nice to be working with kids,” Espinoza said.