Art and Vocal department host third annual Fine Arts Night

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Take two and the Art department host a night filled with live performances and student artwork. Along with the art work there is a silent auction with all proceeds going towards take two. 

Art teacher Ryan Swayne and Choir teacher Jarred McNutt organize the whole event. 

This year is Swayne’s third year of helping with the fine arts night. 

“I love displaying all the diverse artwork by various students,” Swayne said. 

Students in art and photography classes can choose for their artwork to be seen by all that attend the event. The art and photos are displayed like a gallery alongside all the tables. 

“A lot of the students can make just as good of artwork as Mrs. Shelite and I and its really cool to see their potential,” Swayne said.  

Along with the artwork there is live performances by students with musical talents. One performance was Senior Albert Kritz who played the bagpipes and sang for the crowd. This is Kritz first semester at AHS as he is studying abroad. 

“Playing my bagpipes was very cool, especially in front of all those people,” Kritz said.

Another performer was Senior Madison Griffith who sang You will be Found from Dear Evan Hansen. Emotions ran high as this was Griffith’s last fine arts night that she could perform at.

“I was sad knowing it was my last performance, but I know thats what I’m going to do in college so it’s fine,” Griffith said. 

After all of the solo performances Take Two did a show in the auditorium. Before they performed the winners of the silent auctions were announced. The most expensive item on the list for the auction was a 4K security camera valued at $1600 but only sold for $300. 

Overall the vocal department made $550 from auction items and $510 from donations.