Athletes shocked by cold front

Weather, for some athletes, can be an issue for sports that are played outside, especially for sports played in the fall. When fall sports started, the high temperatures impacted athletes who have to play and practice outside.  As the fall season progresses, temperatures are expected to drop, but are athletes prepared for it?

“It’s hard having to move quickly when I’m wearing more layers,” sophomore Gracie Perez said. Perez plays for the girls tennis team. “I start to feel numb, and it is harder to move,” Perez said.

Playing in the cold can make some athletes distracted from their sport. The weather can make it hard to concentrate for athletes because they can feel so cold and they lose focus.

Junior Xander Roberts plays for the football team and dislikes the recent cold weather. “Playing in the cold is harder to play in over hot weather because it wears me out easier,” Roberts said. “It makes me tired a lot faster.”

Going from practicing and playing in scorching temperatures to teeth-chattering wind chills is not going to be enjoyable for all athletes.  The temperatures dropped quickly leaving some athletes annoyed that there is not much they can do to avoid playing in the cold.

“It was weird because I remember complaining about how hot it was not too long ago and now I’m complaining about how cold it is,” Perez said. “ I’m just annoyed because I hate the cold but I can’t do anything about it so I just have to go with it,”

Athletes can not take many precautions to prepare themselves for the sudden cold front.

“I can’t do anything about the cold like I cannot change the weather,” Roberts said. “I just have to deal with it and stay focused on what I’m trying to do.”

 Photo Courtesy Xander Roberts
Junior Xander Roberts lined up ready to play, disregarding the weather