Actions affect school image


The cheerleading squad and the dance team try to raise the students’ excitement for the upcoming sports season during the first day pep assembly Aug. 15 in Hutter Gym. All students contribute to the image of the school.

Students and teachers play a role in the development of the high school image. As others observe AHS they can see how the students represent themselves. The students in the school come in varieties and all of them represent different parts of the school, such as band, sports, art, and more

Each group has its own talents and assets, but together, the group creates an important image that as a school they want others to see. When another school comes for games and other activities, they want them to see the school spirit that is worthy of a medal. Junior Abby Laing, thinks school spirit should be full of great excitement. 

“Being peppy in the student section and enjoying your high school life is important,” Laing said. 

On the other hand, as a school, she thinks that the school needs to enforce more rules. Students should make great decisions and to try to reduce JUULling and other unwanted activities, 

Similarly, freshman Tucker McConaghie thinks the students should be more excited and cheer for the team but also that changes in the academic area could help students.

“Cheering on and just supporting the team helps,” said McConaghie. 

However, the academic area is his problem, more A.C.E. time is what the school needs in order to make a good school image. More time in ace would help students with getting grades up and a few do not have internet in the household. 

Teachers also play an important role in the school’s image and choices. Current events teacher Rick Hess has an opinion about how the school should represent itself.

“As a school, Augusta is very favorable,” Hess said.

The administration has done a great deal to improve the situation and education.

 “Even though there is a drug problem, every school has them, students don’t fight and there is not a lot of bullying,” Hess said. 

Pepe rallies and assemblies are a subject that Hess is expansive on. 

“Students have been doing a better job of taking part, there are good-sized crowds for football and basketball games. More students need to cheer on for secondary sports like bowling, soccer, tennis, and golf,” said Hess.