Librarian expresses underutilized resources

School librarian Eileen Dreiling wants the students to be more inspired to read books for fun.

Dreiling enjoys books by authors Dan Brown and John Grisham; however, she also enjoys non-fiction literature. Dreiling wishes students would use the library to check out a book they would enjoy reading.

“I try to make the library warm and welcoming as well as safe, and a bit decorative,” Dreiling said.

Most students go into the library solely for printer use or to checkout books over skill building or history. Each day 20 to 25 students go into the library to checkout books for fun.

“I’d encourage students to read books, so it’s something they could enjoy,” Dreiling said.

Britney Moore (12) goes to the library for printer use. Moore does not enjoy reading, but when she picks up a book it’s usually “Junie B. Jones” by Barbara Park.

“I can’t say I enjoy reading, but when a good “Junie B” book comes along, I’m excited,” Moore said.

The library has a great selection of books for education and fun. It also has magazines and news articles so students can read up on the latest news around the world and nearby.

“Sometimes, students think they like something, but haven’t found it,’” Dreiling said.

AHS has a wide variety of books from fantasy to educational and encourage students to start reading for fun.

Bree Moore (12) checks out a book from librarian Eileen Dreiling. Moore was completing homework in the library before school and checked out publishing and children literature books for Senior picture.