Johnson twins choose different activities

Twin seniors Thomas Johnson and Michael Johnson have been close with each other since they were born; however, along the way they went through different paths when it came to sports.

“Me and Michael are built differently.” Thomas said. “I was more built to play football while he was more built to be a runner.”

The two played different sports in elementary school, but came back together in middle school.

“I actually didn’t wrestle when I was younger; he did,” Thomas said. “That’s where we first differed. We came back and played football, wrestling and track together.” 

To help their parents, the twins played the same sports, until they got to high school.

“At around six years old, we did the same sports because it made it easier on our parents, and there were not many other options besides doing the same thing.” said Michael. “When we got into high school, we started doing our own thing.”

Instead of being negative, their parents encouraged them on their separate journeys. 

“We were never pressured to make it easier. They said no matter what you do, we will support you,” Thomas said.

Michael believed there was more conflict from his friends than his family.

“If anything there is more peer pressure from my friend group to do sports.” Michael said.

The twins both agree Thomas is the better athlete.

“I think Thomas is the better athlete because he is more diverse,” Michael said. “He plays football, track and wrestling. I do cross country and track and those are both running sports.”