Students express feelings on birthdays


Photo credit Vonda Stueven

Junior Will Stueven celebrating his 16th birthday with his family. Stueven has always celebrated his birthday.

Birthdays are the one day a year a person can make the whole day about themselves. Although with getting older some people believe having parties are childish, or they are not fun anymore. 

“I used to have parties,” senior Miles Davis said. “Me and my friends would go out to some children’s place… go have fun, go play games, stuff like that.”

While some people prefer to have parties and go out on their birthdays, others prefer to stay in and keep the company minimal. Limiting the celebrations to only friends and family.

Sophomore Jacob Herron celebrates his birthday with having family over and hanging out with them on his special day. As he got older, he just grew out of the parties, and just does not do that anymore.

On the other hand, some people still do celebrate their birthdays. Whether it is a small get together with friends and family or going out, some people cherish their birthdays. 

“I went to a water park this past year, the splash park in Wichita, and we used to do the same thing, so it hasn’t changed at all,” junior Will Stueven said. “I celebrate it because it’s a special day you came in this world.” 

As children, birthdays were a day some could not wait for. With big parties and presents, kids’ birthdays were one of the best days of the year. Along with getting older, some stopped the celebrations they grew out of it or thought of it as childish.

“When I was younger, obviously my birthdays were big or had a bunch of people, but as I got older, it lessened, or people weren’t around or it was just me and someone else,” sophomore Alysa Pierce said.