Students notice dirty spots in school


Photo by Justin Gwaltney

Science teacher Nathan Stevens’s intro to bio class did a project on where bacteria was most located at the school. The left and right photos are of the data collected and the middle photo is where the locations were at.

A student is walking through the hall, and out of the corner of their eye, they see an area that is dusty, has some dirt or stains.

“I don’t see a lot of big areas that are dirty, but there are some corners that are dusty or just not wiped off,” sophomore Kabren Wetzel said.

Overall, the school is clean, science teacher Nathan Stevens’s introduction to biology class completed a project on where bacteria is in the school.

“My intro to bio collected data on where different bacteria are located in the school,” Stevens said. “Their data shows that the most bacterial place is on the railing on the ramp leading down to the cafeteria.”

Going along with Stevens’s class, Wetzel has some specific places he has seen.

“The places I see are not super dirty, but more like they have just been neglected, such as the prom closet,” Wetzel said. “I have been in that closet, and it is extremely dusty.”

Along with Wetzel, junior Romello Odom also notices some dirty spots in the school.

“I have seen that some of the closets around the school are pretty dirty, including some of the janitor’s closets,” Odom said. “They just seem unnoticed.” 

Sophomore Giselle Martas has seen something she thinks is dirty.

“I know that the teacher’s lounge copy machine keypad is very dirty with smudges and stains,” Martas said.

Besides students seeing dusty and dirty spots, sophomore Xander Vance has seen some other places that could be considered dirty.

“I have noticed that in the science hall, I have seen bugs all around,” Vance said. “I dislike it and think it is nasty.”

Stevens’s introduction to biology class’ project also included a letter or video of a recommendation on how to clean the spots, and students such as Wetzel also have ways to fix the spots.

“I think some of the neglected spots should have a little more upkeep to make the school all look the same,” Wetzel said.