Questions arise from seniorism

“Seniorism”: When seniors are placed on a higher status than underclassmen due to being in high school longer.

I feel that seniorism is real because I feel like some seniors think they get more than they deserve,” junior Thomas Johnson said.

Some students think seniorism is a big deal, while some students think the opposite.

“I think seniorism is real, but not to that big of an extent,” freshman Devon Stamback said. “I haven’t seen any cases of seniorism in sports, or in the activities I am in, but I feel like it could exist.”

While Johnson and Stamback believe that seniorism is real, senior Riley Buck does not believe in it.

“I don’t believe that seniorism is real,” Buck said. “Everything is fair to all students from what I have seen.”

Every student has a different opinion on whether they believe in seniorism or not. Sophomore Jeremiah Schaefer has not exactly seen or experienced seniorism, but he has a certain opinion on the concept.

“I do not think the concept of it should be a thing, since it makes it unfair for a lot of students,” Schaefer said. 

Even if students have not experienced seniorism personally, it is possible to hear stories of other’s experiences. Most of the time, students disagree with the concept of seniorism.

“I don’t believe that seniorism should be a thing,” Stamback said. “It should be based on talent and ability to work hard, rather than to just be at the school longer.”

Some students dislike the idea of seniorism, and don’t think it is fair to the rest of the students.

“Seniorism shouldn’t be a thing since it shouldn’t matter if you’ve been here longer,” Johnson said. “It should be fair to all students.”

Whether it is real or not, it is possible to think seniorism is a big deal.

“I feel that seniorism would be a big deal depending on the situation because it would make it unfair to most students,” Buck said.