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Video game movies increase in popularity

Photo courtesy Giselle Mestas
Seniors Lizzy Priddy, Lauren Howard and Giselle Mestas wait for the film to start at the opening of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Mestas also saw The Super Mario Bros. Movie in theaters on their opening nights.

The sounds of familiar video games echo around not a living room, as expected, but a movie theater auditorium. Two popular video game franchises, Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) and Super Mario were made into movies and released in the last year.

Senior Giselle Mestas is a big fan of both video games and is interested in seeing the movies.

“[I] would definitely have a field day just finding all of the little references to the games,” Mestas said.

The connections between the games and movies varied from one movie to another. 

“There were many plot holes in the ‘FNAF’ movie that didn’t really cover the game as much,” sophomore Harley Williams said.

While FNAF made $169.5 million at the box office in the United States according to Variety Magazine, the lack of similarities between the movie and the game disappointed viewers.

“The FNAF movie wasn’t that similar to the game, but there was some correlation,” Mestas said. “The Mario movie played out as if it were just a Mario game.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was more than three times as successful as the FNAF movie at the box office in the United States at $574.9 million according to Variety Magazine.

“The Mario movie had the exact same color palette as the games and everything served the same purpose,” sophomore Luis Alvarado said.

With the rise of video game movies, students would love to see other games made into films.

“Legend of Zelda or Metroid would be good to see in the future,” Mestas said. “Both of them have really interesting main characters and good storylines.”

Fans of these video games find the new trend an entertaining way to bring their favorite games to life.

“Someone should find a way to do a Roblox movie because of the variety of games to play,” Alvarado said.

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